The story of Miss Pineapple Co

Promoting Mexican culture through handmade fair-fashion
Allow me to introduce myself; I am MISS Pineapple, Elke Leën and I've been in love with Mexico ever since I joined an exchange program with Rotary International in 1996-1997. 

Today, I'm trying to bring a part of the wonderful Mexican culture to you with jewelry & accessories. My product lines consist of handmade products by native Mexican artisans. My goal is to promote the consumption of Mexican brands and the cultural richness and design that represents everything 'Made in Mexico'.
When buying from Miss Pineapple Co, you are helping more than 10 Mexican families from Chiapas, Yucatán, Puebla, Oaxaca and Hidalgo to earn a decent and fixed income. 

When I first launched Miss Pineapple Co, in the summer of 2018, I could have never imagined that so many of you would share my passion for the signature earrings, colorful pairs, gorgeous clutches and I am more than ever committed to serve you with new collections every now and again. 

Thank you so much, dear customers, family and friends, for your support in bringing this brand into the market! 

On the webshop you can find my collection or if you’re near Hasselt, Belgium, don’t hesitate to walk in at Mar le Beau, Cosmetic Institute where you can try all the #candyforyourears.
Amor & Paz,