Home party

Do you want to try before you buy? We are happy to organise a home party with the finest items in our collection.

How do our home parties work?

  • You invite some of your friends for a meetup at your place for about 2-3 hours. You get some snacks and drinks and we bring our goods.
  • In this cosy setting, you and your friends have the chance to discover our jewellery and accessory collection.
  • We ask for a minimum presence of 5 guests.
  • All items from our collection can be ordered during the homeparty, not only the ones we bring with us. If we have it in stock, you can get it straight away!
  • Other requirements? A bit of space! We will need a big table to present our stuff.
  • In a sort of 'pop up' concept, we create a small store at your place, feel free to have a look and try things on.
  • Items that were not in stock during the home party will be delivered to the host for further distribution to the other guests.
  • When you host the event, you are allowed to choose a clutch and a pair of earrings from our signature collection as a gift from us.

Are you interested to host or organise a Miss Pineapple home party? Drop us a line and tell us your location and available dates.